HEY BLUBBER! - Thread for communicating with game admins

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HEY BLUBBER! - Thread for communicating with game admins Empty HEY BLUBBER! - Thread for communicating with game admins

Post  Brucker on Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:21 am

I've posted a few questions for Blubber scattered about the forums, but the lack of response indicates to me that he's not reading through this stuff, and I can't blame him. So, I figured I'd make a thread for stuff we need to talk to the admins about especially those that need be away from KYM.

My own questions so far:

Is my auto-play acceptable for the auto-plague challenge? I'm not sure if I broke any implied rules.

How are we supposed to track the RICE 2 EAT U LOL Challenge? I joined the KYM group on freerice.com, but I don't know if we should track the rice there or make a special circle team group.

I just realized on what must be my third read of it that I don't understand the meaning of the PIC-in’ Away at It Challenge description. Particularly, what does "that haven’t been added already" mean? 100 pictures that aren't duplicates of existing ones? 100 entries that were made after the CBC started?

I'm assuming that Pitching the Fork Challenge can't be posted on the game thread, so is our thread (http://circleteam.forumotion.com/t16-pitching-the-fork-challenge) sufficient, or do you need us to post it somewhere in particular?

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HEY BLUBBER! - Thread for communicating with game admins Empty Re: HEY BLUBBER! - Thread for communicating with game admins

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:25 pm

Okay, thank you very much for this thread. Things can get a little hectic between school, work, and internet so if I don't have to read through a ton of threads to answer questions that's quite a relief.

1) Certainly.

2) Any way of tracking the rice is acceptable, whether it's with a group, or just through screenshots. A circleteam group would be easiest for me though.

3) Nothing irritates me more than realizing that the things I wrote are unclear. I'm very sorry. But yeah, I mean that there should be no duplicate images.

4) Your thread is sufficient, but if you really wanted to you could just send me a PM.

I hope this helps.

And another thing, after reviewing your On Commision thread and the questions of the other team, we will probably need to change the clue. Because it doesn't quite make sense with the answer. Once again, I'm very sorry.

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